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Bristol Labels is built on providing a personal, friendly service and we are proud of our company being thought of as a ‘friendly face’. It’s always been at the core of our business and new technology has helped us to give even more of a personal touch!

We love interacting with customers face-to-face and like nothing more than a working lunch to chat things through – but with such a wide range of businesses this isn’t always possible! While phone conversations and emails have been the norm for a quite a while now, the past 5 years has seen a big change that has served us here at Bristol Labels very well indeed.

Social media has become big business for a lot of small businesses – and we’ve really jumped on-board! Bristol Labels has been steadily growing year-on-year and a lot of our new clients have been met through our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts. The ‘social’ element of these sites has shown the world the ‘friendly face’ of Bristol Labels, let us chat with potential new customers in an informal way and really get to know each and every brand we work with. We’ve also discovered new trade shows, different printing publications and reconnected with old customers, all thanks to social media.

We pride ourselves on being savvy and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to building relationships with our working partners. After taking our first big step into to digital future and installing the Epson Sure Press, we decided it was time to add another ‘friendly face’ to the business…

Bens Monkey-page-001

Please welcome………. BRUNEL!

We’re really proud to work in the brilliant city of Bristol and are fortunate to work with so many fantastic local businesses – and we wanted our brand to reflect that. Our redesign a few years back saw us introduce a few well-known features associated with Bristol. Our website banner shows the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Balloon Fiesta, The SS Great Britain and a lovely little monkey to represent Bristol Zoo.


The refresh of our website had quite a few compliments, with many paying particular attention the monkey.  It was great to have such positive feedback and over the years and see how the monkey has naturally developed in to something that customers are starting to remember us by.

Our Sales & Marketing Manager noticed this trend and realised that it could be used in his social media conversations. Not only did we want to give a friendly voice across the internet, we wanted a friendly face too – and the monkey seemed like the perfect option.

Of course, every face needs a name and after much deliberation we decided on the iconic name of Brunel. Named after the great Bristolian Isambard Kingdom Brunel (the brains behind the Suspension Bridge), it seemed a great fit for a business that hopes to make Bristol as proud as Isambard did.

So, there we have it. Brunel will definitely be doing the rounds on our social media sites, in our welcome packs, on the side of our van and (if you’re really lucky) you can come and meet our life-size Brunel in the Bristol Labels office. He is the newest member of our team and will work hard to ensure your brand gets the best service possible – no monkey business!

Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @Bristol_Labels and on Facebook at Bristol Labels. Now he’s no Pokemon, but you might catch Brunel hanging out there too!

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