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Wondering why we haven’t posted in a while?

Well, you know we rant and rave about our customers being working partners……


We are very pleased to announce our new working partner, Butcombe Brewing Co.

If you’re a beer fan like us then you will have probably noticed Butcombe have recently gone through a full re brand.

Being a local company and specialising in the food & drink industry we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to help Butcombe along this journey.

Over a period of months we have been working closely together to make sure each label represented there brand and vision.

We achieved this by providing initial samples and mocking up bottles to present to the team. Once this had been done it was down to the real work!

Emmy Webster, Butcombes marketing manager spent several days with us on press to sign off each label making sure each colour and the material used for each label was correct.

Don’t get me wrong there were a few issues along the way as it wasn’t just making sure we provided a high quality label, we had to make sure each label was durable enough to withstand the labelling & filling process.

Again, we are very happy to say that labels have been signed off and out working partnership has begun


We are incredibly excited about our future together and want to say thank you to all the team at Butcombe for choosing Bristol Labels are their official label supplier.

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