Nilpeter FB3300

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As you already know we are 100% focused on the future, how we can make things easier and more cost effective for both ourselves and our customers.

Our ethos has always been about the level of service we provide whilst staying competitive in the market place.

Back in July 2015 we made a key investment in our Epson SurePress. This has been a huge success being able to offer our customers a wider range of materials, finishes and overall a higher quality label.

Now that our first year in the digital world is over we knew we had to start thinking about the next investment. As our business has naturally grown over the years, keeping to our 5-7 working day lead time has been a struggle. It was obvious our next step would be to increase speed. Increasing speed in both print & finishing will allow us to be more cost effect, increase our work load and more importantly keep to our 5-7 working day lead time.

How can we increase speed?

It was evident that the width of our press played a massive part in the time it takes to print a job. Our current Nilpeter F200 is 220mm wide with a maximum print width of 200mm.

To make our production streamline we starting looking in to a 330mm wide Nilpeter which would match the width of the Epson.

After months of searching we decided to invest in the Nilpeter FB 3300

Nilpeter FB 3300

As well as increasing width, being a more modern machine will allow us to run the press at higher speeds still ensuring a high quality print.

The FB3300 has 6 colour stations with a UV Varnish station which can “Spot” or “flood” varnish. The FB3300 also has the ability to laminate and cold foil.

What will be out next investment?!………

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