Nilpeter FB 3300

Nilpeter FB 3300

Your Starting Line for High Performance

When maximum efficiency and low production costs are key, the FB-3300 is the answer. This highly reliable narrow web press is based on modular flexo technology for easy configuration. The FB-3300 includes screen and hot foil Drop-In features to increase your printing options at a very affordable price.

The FB-3300 press is available as main shaft-driven or servo-powered. The maximum web speed of 750 feet per minute makes the FB-3300 the fastest in the narrow web industry. Exceptionally straightforward to make-ready and operate, enabling competitive setups. Featuring helical transmission, the FB-3300 is the ideal choice for high-quality, cost-effective printing.

With features such as the convenient splicing table with pneumatic hold down bars, ergonomic slide-out print stations, easy-to-use operator interface and advanced die-cutting and drying systems, the FB-3300 will certainly have a positive impact on your bottom line.



 Press speed 228 m/min. mechanical speed (750 FPM)
Web mm (feet/inches)
Unwind diameter 1,016 mm (40”), max. 350 kg
Rewind diameter 1,016 mm (40”), max. 350 kg
 Waste rewind diameter 1,016 mm (40”), max. 40 kg
Printing mm (feet/inches)
Web width, max. 350 mm (13 3/4”)
Printing width, max. 350 mm (13 3/4”)
Die-cutting width, max. 350 mm (13 3/4”)
Flexo, repeat length 177.8-609.6 mm (7”-24”)
Screen, repeat length 304.8-457.2 mm (12”-18”)
Die-cutting repeat length
203.2-609.6 mm (8”-24”)
Hot foil repeat length 254-457.2 mm (10”-18”)